IT Outsourcing

Iqra Consulting takes all your IT hassles while you focus on your main business aspect. We have a team of IT specialists who can intervene anytime:

A: to troubleshoot IT related problems(server crash, pc crash, printer not printing, etc.).

B: to set up your server(AD, firewall, antivirus etc.).

C: to setup PABX, cabling, etc.

ERP- Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an integrated, adaptable business management solution that enables people to make important business decisions with greater confidence. It has the look and feel of familiar Microsoft applications- making adoption by users easy and reducing the risks inherent in implementing a new solution.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a business management solution for small and mid-sized organisations that helps you simplify and streamline your highly specialised business processes, rapidly adapting to the unique way you do business. Microsoft Dynamics NAV addresses the following business areas:

  • Financial Management
  • Distributions Purchase and Payables
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Project Accounting& Control
  • Business Intelligence

ERP- Odoo

Odoo is an open source software that is available in three versions, two of which are local while the other is hosted in the cloud. More than 7,300 apps are available thanks to the multiple developments made by Odoo S.A. and its community.

The cloud-based Online Edition of Odoo ERP offers a customized solution specifically designed to solve SME needs.

In this highly modular solution, each business function is carried out by a dedicated app. This allows growing businesses to start with a few apps and to adopt more as their needs change and evolve.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

We provide BPO services in the following:

  1. Accounting
  2. Computer programming
  3. IT Infrastructure design, implementation and support

With this service we help businesses achieve the following:

 Cost savings. We provide quality service at a competitive price making it one of the top advantages for a company looking to reduce cost which can be used in other core areas or juts to improve their balance sheets.

Human Resources. The recruitment process can be very costly and tedious for a company specially when there are fluctuations in staffing. We help by reducing the workload on current employees and to provide more development opportunities. Businesses can achieve headcount reductions to reach their objectives.

Focus. We believe that businesses should really focus on what they do best i.e. they should not be distracted from their core activities in order to produce quality results. We free the companies from tedious and time consuming tasks so to give them time to concentrate on activities which will grow their businesses further.

Flexibility. Our services are tailor made to meets the needs of the business. The client can, at any time during the contract, request to amend the terms to meet its changing needs.

Knowledge. Some experts tout outsourcing of computer programming and other information technology functions as a way to gain access to new technology and outside expertise. This may be of particular benefit to small businesses, which may not be able to afford to hire computer experts or develop the in-house expertise to maintain high-level technology. When such tasks are outsourced, the business gains access to new technology that can help it compete with larger companies.